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Canon FD 24mm F/2.8 S.S.C. – Lens Review


Not long ago, we penned an opinion that every photo geek should own a wide-angle lens. In case you missed it, we heralded the incredible ability of wide-angle lenses to present a vision of the world that just can’t be captured by a standard or telephoto lens.

Taking our own advice, we spent the past few weeks shooting wide, and today we’ve got a review of a pretty fantastic wide-angle lens. It’s Canon’s FD 24mm F/2.8 S.S.C., and whether you’re shooting a vintage film Canon or a new mirror-less or DSLR camera, it’s one of the best values in wide-angle photography.

It’s not a perfect lens, but this legacy glass just might provide everything we’re looking for in a wide focal length.

Should you add this beautiful chunk of glass to your camera bag? Let’s find out.

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Why Everyone Should Shoot a Wide Angle Lens

At its very best, photography presents the viewer with something previously unseen. Some of the best photographs are the ones that show a far away place, a seemingly impossible event, or an unimaginable situation. These shots usually come from those annoyingly well-traveled and worldly photographers whose websites, blogs, and Instagram accounts we mere mortals enviously follow.

But fear not, for us plebeian scum it’s still possible to make compelling and inspired photos, even if our budget for travel and gear is a bit limited.

And one of the simplest ways to increase the dynamism and visual interest of our images is by using a wide-angle lens. By widening our angle of view, we’re able to capture shots of the world around us in a way that’s exquisitely uncommon and decidedly more compelling than when shooting with a standard lens.

But just how much, and in what ways can wide-angle lenses impact your photography? Let’s find out.

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