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Win a Leica in Our End-of-Year Giveaway

leica-minilux-35mm-point-and-shoot-camera-review-2 copy

It’s no secret we love film cameras. To us, there’s no better way of taking a break from the technological over-saturation of our day-to-day lives than leaving the digital stuff at home, loading a roll of film, and seeing what kind of images we can make with a “primitive” analog camera. It’s just the best.

Our mission here at CP is, in part, to help this passion for film shooting blossom in those who visit. There’s no better feeling than the one we get when we introduce someone to the world of film photography for the very first time, either through this site or through our camera shop.

With this goal in mind, we occasionally give cameras away for free. And, guess what? We’re doing it again.

In the past we’ve given away a number of classic Canons, the perennially popular AE-1 and it’s more capable brother the A-1. This time we’re upping the ante. That’s right; we’re giving away a Leica.

Want it? I thought so. For contest details, read on.

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A Letter to Our Readers

To Our Readers, For those of you who follow CASUAL PHOTOPHILE’s social media pages (Ello, Facebook, and Instagram, specifically), you’ll have already seen my post regarding the noted absence of updates this past week. But for those of you who’ve not seen these posts, I wanted to address it directly on the site with a quick status update. For […]

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