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Artisan Origin Leather Camera Straps – Product Spotlight

Artisan Origin Leather Camera Strap

A few months ago I was contacted by an enterprising photographer, Myron Hensel of Artisan Origin, regarding the possibility of carrying his line of leather camera straps in our shop. I was initially hesitant owing to the knowledge that there’s an almost over-abundance of choice when it comes to camera straps, especially of the leather variety.

In the end, curiosity won out, so I asked Myron to send over some samples for review and told him we’d take a look. The straps arrived quickly, and I just as quickly fitted one to my Sony a7.

I’ve worn the strap for more than three months now, and in that time I’ve subjected it to merciless abuse. It’s been with me nearly every day, suffering the wear and tear of mountain climbs, saltwater submersion, rain, sun, and wind. It’s been bent, folded, stepped on, and charred (that time on the beach when I just had to get macro shots of burning charcoal). This thing’s been through the ringer, and it’s about time we penned our review.

So what do we think of Artisan Origin’s straps? Get reading!

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Polaroid Snap, a New Instant Camera Now Available

polaroid snap camera review

Instant camera buffs rejoice, because today there’s a new option for unbridled, instant-print photo fun. That’s right, Polaroid Snap is finally available, and this isn’t your grand-pappy’s Polaroid.

The Snap harkens back to the glory days of the company made famous by Edwin Land, allowing shooters to instantly print a pocket-sized, honest-to-goodness photo. Amazing stuff, made even more charming in this age of ephemeral digital photos.

We’ll be running some film through the Snap this weekend, so look for our review early next week. Until then, we’re pretty excited about the Snap. We can’t say for certain just yet, but the Snap seems poised to offer something special for photophiles who yearn for effortless creation of fun, tangible mementos.

For detailed specs, production info, and where to buy, read on.

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Jay Tsujimura Soft Release Buttons – Product Spotlight

Jay Tsujimura Camera Soft Release Hot Shoe Cover 4

Today’s product spotlight is firmly fixed on the exquisitely crafted hot shoe covers and shutter release buttons made by Jay Tsujimura. Based in Japan, Jay meticulously carves, shapes, and polishes tiny camera accessories in a variety of precious metals, creating heirlooms and good luck charms for photo geeks.

We first caught a glimpse of these miniature, metal marvels by way of Jay’s Instagram account, and ever since we’ve been following him closely. It’s been a lot of fun peering over the shoulder of the artist as he photographs the design and production processes that go into making his unique camera jewelry.

We were impressed with the idea of a long-lived, intrinsically valuable, and beautiful shutter release button, so we got in touch with Jay, ordered one, and have been using it for a while now.

Here’s what we think.

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Product Spotlight – Asilda Store Pins Patches & Prints

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 10.30.34 AM

This hobby of ours comes with a price tag. There’s no denying that. Things can get pretty expensive pretty quickly, and often you get what you pay for. Spend ten bucks on a lens and you’re likely not getting a very good lens. That’s why it’s so refreshing when a product comes along for us photo-geeks that’s passionately designed, well-produced, and affordable too.

Today we’re showcasing just such a range of products from one of our favorite photographers and Instagram pals, Anastasia Petukhova. She’s created a fantastic range of products for photophiles that includes stickers, patches, and pins (not to mention her catalogue of impressive photography prints).

If you’re on Instagram and follow the film photography scene, you’ve likely come across these gorgeous accessories, and with the recent expansion of her shop’s product range, we wanted to help spread the word. So if you’d like some beautiful artwork or seriously classy accessories at a truly affordable price, read on!

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