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Polaroid Snap – Camera Review

Polaroid Snap Review (12 of 21)

Polaroid is back with a brand-new instant film camera. Good stuff! But wait, what year is it? Did we slip backwards through a wormhole? Did the space-time continuum rip itself to shreds? Does anyone have Christopher Lloyd’s phone number?

Okay, relax. It’s 2015, alright, and a quick glance out the window shows no sign of our planet being devoured by a black hole. Yes, indeed, Polaroid instant cameras really do exist here in 2015. And what’s even more exciting than time travel is the possibility that Polaroid’s latest camera may be one of the brand’s most promising creations yet.

The camera in question is the Polaroid Snap, and it looks to combine the best of yesteryear’s Polaroid with the convenience and capability of a modern point-and-shoot digital camera. With a 10 Megapixel sensor, MicroSD card slot, and ultra-minimalist design, could this be the Polaroid we’ve all been waiting for?

After a week with the Snap, we’ve got the scoop. Check it out, and see if this new Polaroid is your kind of camera.

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Leica Minilux – Camera Review

Leica Minilux 35mm Point and Shoot Camera Review 7

For many photo-geeks, there are few cameras that elicit the kind of lustful ogling as those made by Leica. For many photophiles, Leica’s machines are the holy grail of cameras. And for many devoted followers, Leica is a brand that can do no wrong.

Not without good reason; the boys from Wetzlar long ago earned their enviable spot at the top of the pile due to their unflagging production of nothing but the highest quality cameras. Their M rangefinder system, specifically, has been the camera to own for over fifty years due to its timeless combination of optical fidelity, clarity of design, and exclusive price point.

But today, we’re not talking about the M2, M3, or any other M. Instead, we’re talking about a Leica that’s a little less popular, a little less expensive, and a little less German. It’s the Leica Minilux, a 35mm point-and-shoot that proudly boasts the famous red dot.

The Minilux was Leica’s offering for pros and passionate enthusiasts who wanted Leica quality and sophistication in a point-and-shoot camera. It certainly bears the name in enough places, but is the Minilux any good? Is this premium point-and-shoot a real photographer’s tool, or is it an over-hyped toy for rich boys?

Let’s find out.

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5 Best Point and Shoot Film Cameras – Part 2

Leica Minilux point and shoot 35mm film camera 2

A while back, we published a rather popular list of some of our favorite point-and-shoot film cameras. We made it pretty clear that our list was just a small sampling of the amazing machines out there. Even so, many of you chimed in with your favorite models that we may have overlooked.

We loved the response, so to thank our readers for their enthusiasm, we’re bringing another list of five super slick point-and-shoots.

Like the previous five, these machines are remarkable exemplars of thoughtful design and optical capability. They’re affordable, well-made, and easy to use, and they’re machines that any photophile would be happy to have in their hot little hands.

So let’s get to it. Here are five more amazing point and shoot film cameras.

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Exploded Views – Canon AF35M

Canon AF35M Exploded View 1

It seems we’ve been on something of a Canon binge lately. We’ve reviewed the classic A-1, put a wide FD lens through its paces, and just wrapped up our AE-1 springtime giveaway!

Yes, the past few weeks have brought lot of Canon love here at CASUAL PHOTOPHILE, and we’ll get back to our usual brand diversity soon enough. But before we do, let’s give Canon the spotlight one more time.

In this, our latest Exploded View, we take a look at one of the most important point-and-shoot cameras ever. It’s Canon’s AF35M, also known as the Autoboy and Sure Shot, and when it was released in 1979 it sold in record numbers and blazed trails in innovation and technology.

But how’s all this automatic focus, exposure, and film advance nonsense work? Let’s see if we can’t break this thing open and find out!

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5 Best Point and Shoot Film Cameras

Best Point and Shoot cameras (1)

So you want to shoot film but you’re not interested in manual focusing, exposure modes, aperture, ISO, and all that technical nonsense? Tired of heavy SLRs and cumbersome controls? The warm weather’s here and you just want to throw a camera in your bag, go on adventures with your friends, and effortlessly shoot amazing pictures, right?

We get it, and so did every camera company interested in turning a profit during the 1980s. The decade of the DeLorean and Johnny Five promised high-tech wonders in a compact form, a promise that camera makers managed to deliver on year after year with their new point-and-shoot machines.

Yes, it was a great decade for pointing and shooting, but what’s that mean for you? When it comes to seeking a point and shoot camera, it means an abundance of choice. Today’s shooter can find an astounding number of lightweight, portable, and perfectly capable point and shoot cameras for every budget.

Here are five point and shoot film cameras with performance that’ll knock off your hightops.

Update! For more amazing point and shoot film cameras, check out Part Two of our list.

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