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Leica Giveaway Winners Announced

Leica Minilux giveaway Olympus OM (1 of 1)

A couple of weeks ago I asked that visitors and fans of the site submit their photos for a chance to win a Leica Minilux, or one of three Olympus OM2 Exploded View prints. As is the case every time I give a camera away, the response was overwhelming.

With more photo submissions than I’ve received in any other giveaway, I had my work cut out for me in picking a winner. At times daunting but always thrilling, I pored over each and every photo you guys and gals sent in, and have finally decided on the winning shots.

Which lucky photo geek is walking away with the Leica? And which three get a print of our dismantled Olympus? Let’s get to it.

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Canon AE-1 Spring Giveaway Winners Announced

unnamed-1 (1)

It’s springtime (finally), and to help spread the joy of photography we began April with a giveaway. We asked our readers to post photos to our accounts on Ello, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #casualphotophilespringtime, and to make images that showed what springtime means to them.

Like our last giveaway, the response was overwhelming. We received hundreds of submissions from all over the globe; from local shooters in Boston, and from countries as distant as Portugal, Sweden, and Japan.

To connect with other photo-geeks and be witness to these small scenes from our readers’ lives has been amazing. It’s easily the most rewarding part of running CASUAL PHOTOPHILE and we want to thank everyone who shared with us.

The quality and variety of the shots we received left us wishing that we could give a free camera to every single person who submitted a shot. Alas, we’ve only got one Canon AE-1 to give away. But we’re also giving away some prints of our Exploded View sessions to three honorable mentions.

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Spring Photo Contest Begins! Win a Canon AE-1 and Prints


It’s finally springtime, and in our never-ending quest to spread the joy of photography and vintage cameras, we’re giving away another fine Canon AE-1. But this time we’re not stopping there. We’ve got gifts for honorable mentions as well!

We reviewed the AE-1 many moons ago, and it’s an impressive classic machine. While not completely perfect, the AE-1 is capable of anything the average shooter can ask of it, so it’ll be a great camera for our lucky contest winner.

In addition to the AE-1, the grand-prize winner will receive the exceptional and practical 50mm ƒ/1.8 FDn lens, a new roll of Kodak Ektar film, and a fresh battery. This thing will be ready to shoot when you pull it out of the box.

For three honorable mentions who don’t win the Canon, we’ve got freshly printed copies of our new Canon AE-1 Exploded View print.

So how do you enter to win? Read on to find out.

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Feb 2015 Canon AE-1 Photo Contest Winners Announced


We love old cameras, and we love it when others love old cameras as much as we do. So to help spread the joy of photography, we began February with a giveaway. We asked our readers to post shots of their lives, adventures, and passions on our Ello page, Facebook wall, or Instagram using the hashtag #casualphotophilephotocontest. We weren’t looking for technically perfect shots, or difficult photos, just shots that spoke to the thrill of shooting photos for no other reason than to make a compelling image.

We expected a couple hundred entries, at the most. What we got has been so much greater than that in both quantity and quality.

Though it may smack of patronization, it’s the truth; you people have amazed us, and that’s no exaggeration. Your shots were eclectic, inspiring, and technically excellent. We had photos come in from all over the globe; from local shooters in Boston, and from distances as far as Tokyo, Istanbul, and Madrid.

To connect with other photo-geeks and be witness to these small facets of our readers’ lives has been amazing. It’s easily the most rewarding part of running both Casual Photophile, and F-Stop Cameras.

With more than 1,000 photos to go through, choosing one person to win the Canon AE-1 was an immense task. So many of you deserve to win, and we wish we could give a free camera to every single person who submitted a shot. Alas, there can be only one winner. But we’ve also decided to give some free film away to a few honorable mentions, as well.

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Final Reminder! Feb Photo Contest Ends in 3 Days


Just a final reminder, the February photo contest ends in less than three days. That means there’s not much time to submit your photos for a chance to win this Canon AE-1 and the fantastic FD 50mm ƒ/1.8 lens!

The best part of running this site is the way it allows us to connect with other photo geeks from all over the world, and it’s been amazing to look through the photos that have been pouring in via our Ello page, Facebook wall, and Instagram feed.

Keep it up! On March 1st we’ll pick the photo that most clearly fit the bill, and the shooter of that photo will win this timeless and classy piece of photographic history (with film and battery, of course).

Remember, we’re looking for photos that visually represent why you’d love to own this classic bit of photographic history. Show us what kind of adventures you’d go on with your new film camera, or capture some kind of idyllic scene that would be perfect, if only you had an AE-1 with which to capture it. Stretch your mind and shoot for something unique. We know it’s a challenge, but we’re sure you’re up for it.

Full entry details can be found on the original contest page, and we’ve re-posted them after the break, so check the rules and enter to win!

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