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Five Best Medium Format Cameras for Beginners

5 best medium format film camerasIt happens to the best of us. At some point in the photographic journey, every photo geek is going to run into a wall. Things get stale; you’ve plateaued. You’ve been shooting the same subjects with the same camera for too many years, and there’s no way to avoid the truth that you’re getting bored with photography.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way. There are things we can do to stave off the inevitable onset of photographic ennui. Traveling, shooting with friends or alone, and taking a break from the camera are all useful tools in the toolbox of every happy photographer.

But if you’ve tried all this and you’re still finding yourself a bit distracted, a bit blasé about this whole photography thing, the problem may just rest with your format. Crop sensors? Full-frame? 35mm film? Get real. That stuff is so dull, and puny, and pathetic. You need a bigger format! You need something with depth and charisma! You need to shoot medium format.

But with so many cameras to choose from, how do you know which is right for you?

It’s cool. We’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of five excellent medium format film cameras for shooters new to the vast frontier of medium format.

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Five Best Cameras for Photography Students

Five best student cameras (3 of 5)

There’s a certain question that I get asked virtually every single day. People need to know what camera they should buy for their upcoming high school or college photography class. It’s a great question, and one that I’m always happy to answer, as it means that someone’s about to begin a process of discovery that often grows into a lifelong passion for the medium.

After fielding this question three times today, I’ve put together a quick article showcasing what I believe are five of the very best cameras for new students of photography. These cameras provide everything that most high school teachers and college professors insist their students’ cameras offer, while being affordable, quality machines.

Take a look, pick the one that suits you best, and get shooting!

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Pentax – A SMC 35mm F/2.8 – Lens Review

Pentax A SMC 35mm 2.8 Lens Review

We’re back from a brief vacation and we’ve brought with us a treasure trove of material for our Photophile friends! First on the docket is a review of a pretty rare and rather wonderful legacy lens from Pentax. It’s the SMC Pentax-A 35mm F/2.8.

During our journey up and around Maine’s rocky coast, we shot this hard-to-find lens in a variety of stereotypically autumnal New England situations. We peeped leaves and hiked trails, we strolled through colonial fishing villages and sipped nutmeg-infused beverages, we basked in fleeting sunshine and we froze our asses off. And of course, we snapped photos.

We really wanted to put this lens through its paces to see how it performed on both vintage and digital cameras, so we not only shot it on a pair of classic film machines (the Pentax ME and the Ricoh XR-1), but later adapted it to the Sony A7 as well.

How did the SMC-A 35mm/2.8 comport itself? We’ve got the inside scoop on this uncommon assemblage of glass.

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Pentax ME – Camera Review

Pentax ME 35mm Film Camera Review

Well, it’s finally happening. We’re reviewing a Pentax. It’s the Pentax ME, an entry-level 35mm film SLR that entices with its promises of creative photographic controls, exceptional optics, and adequate build quality, all joined with the ease of a point-and-shoot.

But does it deliver on these promises? That’s what we intended to find out when, yearning for a break from over-saturation in needlessly-complicated cameras, we decided to head for the beach, alone, with the ME.

This outwardly simple camera’s semi-automatic nature, its diminutive size, and its surprisingly good performance left us with some questions. Specifically, why is this camera so often overlooked by shooters? How’d they make this thing so small? And why doesn’t Pentax get any respect?

We can’t answer any of those questions, but to learn everything you’ll ever need to know about the Pentax ME, read on.

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The Ultimate Camera Battery Compendium

jflaks;dfj (1 of 1)-2 (1)

We field a lot of questions here at CP. Whether they come by way of post comments, our online shop, our social networks, or via direct message, there’s a never-ending supply of inquisitive photo-geeks seeking answers to hard questions.

And one of the most common questions we field almost every single day gets right to the heart of the hobby. It’s an important, existential question. A question that, were it to go unanswered, would invariably bring the world of photography to a slow, grinding halt.

“What battery does my camera take?”

See? Pretty important.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to throw together an exhaustive, alphabetical list of every battery-powered classic camera, with links to its appropriate battery. We’ll start with the most common cameras, and update the list as frequently as possible as we continue to add to its ranks.

Our suggestion is to bookmark this page for reference, disseminate it widely, and use it to slough off your inquiring friends who just won’t stop bothering you about powering their cameras. Hell, that’s what we’re doing…

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