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The Best First Film Camera for Any Shooter

how to choose first film camera

It’s one of the questions we’re asked most often here at CP, across our social media accounts, and through our online shop. Every day, new shooters and experienced digital photographers ask us to help them choose their first film camera.

It’s not an easy task. Often we don’t know the shooter’s goals, experience level, or budget. What we do know, is that there’s a film camera out there for everyone. They just need to find it!

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of recommended cameras for people looking to buy their first film camera. From totally inexperienced shooters to those seeking the ultimate film camera, we’ve taken the time to curate a list that’ll help any first-time film shooter find the film camera that’s right for them. We’ve even included links to our full reviews where applicable!

We should add that there are many more cameras out there that could’ve made this list. We tried to focus on cameras we’ve reviewed.

Check out the list, and if you’re a veteran film shooter let us know in the comments which camera was your first!

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The Ultimate Camera Battery Compendium

jflaks;dfj (1 of 1)-2 (1)

We field a lot of questions here at CP. Whether they come by way of post comments, our online shop, our social networks, or via direct message, there’s a never-ending supply of inquisitive photo-geeks seeking answers to hard questions.

And one of the most common questions we field almost every single day gets right to the heart of the hobby. It’s an important, existential question. A question that, were it to go unanswered, would invariably bring the world of photography to a slow, grinding halt.

“What battery does my camera take?”

See? Pretty important.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to throw together an exhaustive, alphabetical list of every battery-powered classic camera, with links to its appropriate battery. We’ll start with the most common cameras, and update the list as frequently as possible as we continue to add to its ranks.

Our suggestion is to bookmark this page for reference, disseminate it widely, and use it to slough off your inquiring friends who just won’t stop bothering you about powering their cameras. Hell, that’s what we’re doing…

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5 Best Point and Shoot Film Cameras – Part 2

Leica Minilux point and shoot 35mm film camera 2

A while back, we published a rather popular list of some of our favorite point-and-shoot film cameras. We made it pretty clear that our list was just a small sampling of the amazing machines out there. Even so, many of you chimed in with your favorite models that we may have overlooked.

We loved the response, so to thank our readers for their enthusiasm, we’re bringing another list of five super slick point-and-shoots.

Like the previous five, these machines are remarkable exemplars of thoughtful design and optical capability. They’re affordable, well-made, and easy to use, and they’re machines that any photophile would be happy to have in their hot little hands.

So let’s get to it. Here are five more amazing point and shoot film cameras.

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Olympus Zuiko Auto-W 28mm ƒ/2.8 – Lens Review

Olympus OM System Auto-W Zuiko 28mm 2.8 19 (1)

We’re back with another lens review, and this time we’re taking a look at a sleeper lens from Olympus. The OM-System Zuiko Auto-W 28mm ƒ/2.8 doesn’t look like much on paper, but its fun-factor, price, and versatility set it apart from many higher-spec lenses.

This lens, when shot within its limits, is capable of creating some really incredible images. It’s sharp, well-corrected in normal shooting situations, and offers a nearly unbeatable value for the money. Equally at home on a mirror-less camera, DSLR, or classic film machine, it’s a lens that any shooter can enjoy.

To find out if this little lens packs enough punch to earn a spot in your camera bag, read on.

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Exploded Views – Olympus OM2

Olympus OM2 Exploded View Casual Photophile 9

We’re back with another Exploded View, and this time we’ve dissected a fan-favorite SLR. It’s Olympus’ OM-2, one of the smallest and most technologically advanced cameras of the film era.

When we reviewed the OM-2 we were impressed by its diminutive size, its ease of use, and the incredible accuracy of its exposure meter. Now that we’ve seen how all these gizmos are put together, we’re even more impressed.

The camera’s compact construction made disassembly more difficult than some other machines we’ve tackled, but though we suffered many cuts and blisters we’re still super-stoked to lay this gorgeous camera out for all of you to admire.

For a close inspection and high-resolution images, read on.

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