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Noteworthy Lenses – Minolta MC Macro Rokkor QF 50mm ƒ/3.5


It’s time for another look at a fantastic piece of vintage glass, and today we’re talking about a truly versatile lens. It’s the Minolta MC Macro Rokkor QF 50mm ƒ/3.5, and it provides one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get into macro photography.

What is it about this lens that makes it perfect for those looking to dip their toes into the world of macro shooting? Practicality; Not only does this wonderful assemblage of glass and aluminum allow you to shoot the hell out of tiny bugs, flowers, coins, and all the usual macro subjects, it can also work as an everyday standard lens. It’s compact, relatively lightweight, and fairly capable as a 50mm standard. Sure, it’s not perfect, but that’s what we’re here to talk about.

So let’s get to work sussing out where the lens excels and where it suffers. Not long from now we’ll have discovered if this macro lens should have a home in your camera bag, or if it’s best passed over.

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How to Use Macro Close-Up Lens Filters

Macro Close Up Filter Camera 7

Are you interested in macro photography but not so interested in shelling the clams to pay for a specialized macro lens? Or maybe you’re not interested in lugging around another big hunk of glass that’ll only come out of your camera bag once a month? The feeling is familiar, but so is the drive that pushes photographers to want to capture every angle of the world around them. For those would-be macro shooters who are striving for a coexistence of budget, laziness, and passion, there may be a simple solution: Close-up lens sets.

Suffering from something of a bad reputation in the past, these close-up lenses aren’t as bad as many would claim. Sometimes called “close-up filters”, consider them to be a magnifying glass for your camera. They screw onto the filter thread of any lens, and can effectively diminish the lens’ minimum focus distance to allow super-close macro shooting. They’re extremely inexpensive and completely capable. Portable, cheap, and well-made, close-up lens sets are a truly viable alternative to the dedicated macro lens.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of close-up lenses, how to use them, and where to buy them. Before long you’ll be snapping shots of insects fit for National Geographic.*

*Your macro photo results may vary. Your shots will likely not be published by National Geographic, or by any other publication, or enjoyed by anyone anywhere.

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