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Exploded Views – Nikon F3

WEB OLD POLAR Nikon F3 (1 of 1)

After an extended hiatus, our Exploded Views feature is back, and I’ve brought to bear my most ambitious effort yet! I’ve chosen a truly legendary camera, Nikon’s F3, and photographed it in a way that brings unprecedented detail to this popular feature.

But what’s different about this Exploded View?

Instead of laying out every component of the camera and taking a single photo of the lot (as in our previous efforts) I’ve gone through the excruciating process of photographing every single component with a macro lens, and compiling the hundreds of massive images into one gargantuan file. The detail is just unbelievable, and it allows me to make prints that are truly impressive.

But enough yammering. This project has taken too long to keep squawking about it. If you want to see every single part of a Nikon F3 laid out in a gorgeous display, read on.

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Win a Leica in Our End-of-Year Giveaway

leica-minilux-35mm-point-and-shoot-camera-review-2 copy

It’s no secret we love film cameras. To us, there’s no better way of taking a break from the technological over-saturation of our day-to-day lives than leaving the digital stuff at home, loading a roll of film, and seeing what kind of images we can make with a “primitive” analog camera. It’s just the best.

Our mission here at CP is, in part, to help this passion for film shooting blossom in those who visit. There’s no better feeling than the one we get when we introduce someone to the world of film photography for the very first time, either through this site or through our camera shop.

With this goal in mind, we occasionally give cameras away for free. And, guess what? We’re doing it again.

In the past we’ve given away a number of classic Canons, the perennially popular AE-1 and it’s more capable brother the A-1. This time we’re upping the ante. That’s right; we’re giving away a Leica.

Want it? I thought so. For contest details, read on.

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Exploded Views – Olympus OM2

Olympus OM2 Exploded View Casual Photophile 9

We’re back with another Exploded View, and this time we’ve dissected a fan-favorite SLR. It’s Olympus’ OM-2, one of the smallest and most technologically advanced cameras of the film era.

When we reviewed the OM-2 we were impressed by its diminutive size, its ease of use, and the incredible accuracy of its exposure meter. Now that we’ve seen how all these gizmos are put together, we’re even more impressed.

The camera’s compact construction made disassembly more difficult than some other machines we’ve tackled, but though we suffered many cuts and blisters we’re still super-stoked to lay this gorgeous camera out for all of you to admire.

For a close inspection and high-resolution images, read on.

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Exploded Views – Canon AF35M

Canon AF35M Exploded View 1

It seems we’ve been on something of a Canon binge lately. We’ve reviewed the classic A-1, put a wide FD lens through its paces, and just wrapped up our AE-1 springtime giveaway!

Yes, the past few weeks have brought lot of Canon love here at CASUAL PHOTOPHILE, and we’ll get back to our usual brand diversity soon enough. But before we do, let’s give Canon the spotlight one more time.

In this, our latest Exploded View, we take a look at one of the most important point-and-shoot cameras ever. It’s Canon’s AF35M, also known as the Autoboy and Sure Shot, and when it was released in 1979 it sold in record numbers and blazed trails in innovation and technology.

But how’s all this automatic focus, exposure, and film advance nonsense work? Let’s see if we can’t break this thing open and find out!

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Exploded Views – Minolta SRT 201

Minolta SRT 201 Exploded View 1

We’re back with another ridiculous explosion of camera parts, and this time we’ve completely disassembled an old, broken down Minolta SRT-201. This all-mechanical marvel of Japanese ingenuity comes from one of the best line-ups of SLRs ever, Minolta’s SRT range.

Well-known for their incredible durability, all-metal construction, and fully-mechanical operation, these machines were long-lived workhorses of photo-journalists and pro photographers back in the day, and their excellent DNA ensures they’re still clanking away today.

We reviewed the Minolta SRT-202 last year, and found it to be a fantastic machine with very few drawbacks. We found its outstanding CLC metering system to be particularly noteworthy, and getting a peak at how it’s actually built is pretty damn interesting.

We’re also quite impressed by the watch-like construction of the camera’s self-timer assembly. So impressed were we that we made a video, so you too can see it ticking away like a fine timepiece.

For amazing camera porn, our video, and insights, read on.

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