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Weekend What’s Selling No 001 : Hansa Canon, Leica, Lot of Film, and More

Whats selling No 001

In our never-ending quest to increase posting frequency and bring our readers fresh content, we’re launching a new weekly segment called the “Weekend What’s Selling“.

More than just a mindless list of shopping links, the WWS is a concise and curated catalog of the very best cameras and lenses that sellers have to offer from all over the internet. The items featured on WWS may come from local camera shops with an online presence, eBay, photography forums, or specialty auction houses. Whatever the source, the cameras and lenses listed will always be noteworthy examples; they might be extremely rare, an exceptional bargain, a quirky anomaly, or have historical significance.

The Weekend What’s Selling will be posted every Thursday, giving would-be shoppers plenty of time to salivate, vacillate, and budget, so by Monday you’ll have won yourself an excellent new toy.

That said, let’s launch right into the first WWS. This week we have some rarities, some bargains, and more. Check it out.

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A Guide to Buying Cameras on eBay

Guide to eBay

Buying cameras can be tricky. Once you’re bitten by the collector’s bug, it doesn’t take long to tap dry your local thrift stores, antique shops, and flea markets. The insatiable thirst for new cameras and vintage gear leads one inevitably to the internet. And while the internet offers limitless shopping opportunities, the world of internet commerce can be a strange and scary place.

Having earned something of a reputation as the “wild west” of online shops, eBay has the potential for both unbelievable bargains and fiscal heartache. Find the right seller at the right time, and you’re liable to get the deal of the year. Find the wrong seller at the wrong time, and you may come away with a worthless camera and an aggravated headache. Despite this dichotomous personality, eBay gives shoppers an unrivaled quantity of low-priced photo gear. The key is knowing what to look for, what to be wary of, and when to buy.

Here are a few simple tips to help you get the most out of your eBay camera hunt. With diligence, thoughtfulness, and a little luck, you’ll be on your way to a solid record of wins, and minimized losses.

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