Artisan Origin Leather Camera Strap

A few months ago I was contacted by an enterprising photographer, Myron Hensel of Artisan Origin, regarding the possibility of carrying his line of leather camera straps in our shop. I was initially hesitant owing to the knowledge that there’s an almost over-abundance of choice when it comes to camera straps, especially of the leather variety.

In the end, curiosity won out, so I asked Myron to send over some samples for review and told him we’d take a look. The straps arrived quickly, and I just as quickly fitted one to my Sony a7.

I’ve worn the strap for more than three months now, and in that time I’ve subjected it to merciless abuse. It’s been with me nearly every day, suffering the wear and tear of mountain climbs, saltwater submersion, rain, sun, and wind. It’s been bent, folded, stepped on, and charred (that time on the beach when I just had to get macro shots of burning charcoal). This thing’s been through the ringer, and it’s about time we penned our review.

So what do we think of Artisan Origin’s straps? Get reading!

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