Zeiss Ikon Ikomatic A Boston

After spending about two weeks kicking around Boston with the Zeiss Ikon Ikomatic A, it’s clear there’s something special about this camera. The number of people who commented on it was staggering. Perhaps that’s because it looks like nothing else out there, vintage or modern. Without question, it looks nothing like modern DSLRs or their smaller contemporaries, the super-compact point-and-shoots. With its clear and concise design, highly reflective body, and virtually featureless layout, this is one machine that really distinguishes itself in a crowd.

Looks aside, this incredibly simple camera (it has only two buttons), does something that a majority of far more capable cameras often fail to do – it makes people smile. I don’t mean subjects saying “cheese”. Rather, when people notice or shoot with this camera they invariably smile, sometimes laugh, and nearly always comment on it. People seem to be drawn to it. This phenomenon is fantastic to witness, and makes it easy to remember what the hobby of photography is all about; that is, connecting with people through a camera.

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