polaroid snap camera review

Instant camera buffs rejoice, because today there’s a new option for unbridled, instant-print photo fun. That’s right, Polaroid Snap is finally available, and this isn’t your grand-pappy’s Polaroid.

The Snap harkens back to the glory days of the company made famous by Edwin Land, allowing shooters to instantly print a pocket-sized, honest-to-goodness photo. Amazing stuff, made even more charming in this age of ephemeral digital photos.

We’ll be running some film through the Snap this weekend, so look for our review early next week. Until then, we’re pretty excited about the Snap. We can’t say for certain just yet, but the Snap seems poised to offer something special for photophiles who yearn for effortless creation of fun, tangible mementos.

For detailed specs, production info, and where to buy, read on.

polaroid snap camera review

To be clear, today’s Polaroid isn’t the Polaroid we classic camera geeks know and love. The company has been defunct for some time, and hasn’t made its own products in even longer.

Instead, the Snap was designed by San Francisco based design firm Ammunition, in partnership with the official Polaroid brand licensee C&A Marketing, Inc., an American firm known for breathing new life into struggling enterprises. This lack of a connection to the past may be a wet-blanket for some vintage camera purists, but to us, a new Polaroid’s a new Polaroid. Let’s celebrate!

As for the camera itself, things look pretty promising. Features like the 10 Megapixel sensor, MicroSD card slot, self-timer, photobooth-mode, instant print options including black-and-white, color, and ‘vintage’, as well as the option to include the iconic Polaroid border, all point to a pretty exciting and capable machine.

Pair this functionality with the fact that the camera looks really slick, and we’re definitely excited about the prospect of shooting a fun, new Polaroid.

polaroid snap camera review

But we’re going to reserve our excitement just a moment, as the Snap may have some shortfalls that keep it from being a runaway success. Most disappointingly, its inability to connect to the internet for instant uploads may be a deal-breaker for some. Still, photos can be uploaded later via the MicroSD card or USB port, and at only $99.00 we may be able to accept some limitations.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Give us a few days with the Snap and we’ll let you know what we think.

If you can’t wait for our review and you’re already sold on this new Polaroid, don’t let us stop you. Buy it, shoot it, and get printing!

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