DIY Polaroid Film Cartridge Photo Frames  3

Looking for a hip and inexpensive way to frame and showcase some of your best photos? If so, watch our latest video. In it we show how to take old, empty Polaroid film cartridges and turn them into slick and stylish photo frames.

In less than three minutes you’ll have a unique accent ready to hang. The more you’ve got, the better they look. So why not get ambitious and fill an entire wall with these easy-to-make photo frames?

For our “How to” video, what you’ll need, and product shots, read on.

DIY Polaroid Film Cartridge Photo Frames  2

So you’re ready to make some frames. Here’s what you’ll need :

  1. Empty Polaroid film cartridges
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Sawtooth hangers
  4. Scissors
  5. Marker

And that’s all you’ll need. So without further delay, here’s the video. Watch it, follow the steps, and have fun.

Easy, right? For added impact, try painting the frames prior to the steps covered in our video. We’re working on getting our hands on as many of these empty cartridges as we can with visions of a rainbow wall of colorful frames! We’ll update this post with shots of the CP office when that’s finished. Until then just use your imagination.

DIY Polaroid Film Cartridge Photo Frames  1

We hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY project. If any of you decide to try your hand at making a frame, why not share the results? Post your shots on our social media platforms or post a link in the comments below.

Happy shooting and happy framing!

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