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This hobby of ours comes with a price tag. There’s no denying that. Things can get pretty expensive pretty quickly, and often you get what you pay for. Spend ten bucks on a lens and you’re likely not getting a very good lens. That’s why it’s so refreshing when a product comes along for us photo-geeks that’s passionately designed, well-produced, and affordable too.

Today we’re showcasing just such a range of products from one of our favorite photographers and Instagram pals, Anastasia Petukhova. She’s created a fantastic range of products for photophiles that includes stickers, patches, and pins (not to mention her catalogue of impressive photography prints).

If you’re on Instagram and follow the film photography scene, you’ve likely come across these gorgeous accessories, and with the recent expansion of her shop’s product range, we wanted to help spread the word. So if you’d like some beautiful artwork or seriously classy accessories at a truly affordable price, read on!

[photos used with permission]

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To start, let’s talk about the patches. These iron-on jobs aren’t your grandpappy’s patches. They’re beautifully made, colorful, and vibrant, and Anastasia has really done some amazing work when it comes to these designs. They look great sitting on a shelf or, more appropriately, ironed onto a stylish camera bag. Pretty sweet stuff.

And while the design and production quality alone make them worthy of mention, what we most like about them is the proactive message they put forth. It’s clear that Anastasia has chosen her messages carefully, her patches imploring us to explore the world with open eyes, seek out beauty, and capture the essence of life. More than just decorative embellishments, these patches offer a continual reminder to stay true to our photographic ethos, and stay true to our way of life. Not bad, for less than ten bucks.

If you’re itching to get your hands on one of these patches you may want to hurry, as certain designs are already sold out.


Her lapel pins are similarly well-crafted and proffer the same sort of extroverted message of exploration and discovery. And while her patches are geared toward the photophile, her pins may be even more photo-geek oriented.

With bright colors, vivid line-work, and beautifully polished metal, these pins are dripping with class. We absolutely love the representations of differing styles of camera. From TLRs, to SLRs, she’s even designed a Leica and Hasselblad pin for lovers of those specific machines. We’re particularly enamored with the simplicity of the “Think First” film pin, and the VW bus. Just gorgeous.

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But if patches aren’t your jam and you’ve got an irrational fear of small, pointy things, fear not! Anastasia’s still got something to offer, and it may be her very best work yet.

In addition to running her accessories shop, Anastasia also happens to be an incredibly talented and hard-working photographer. Her online portfolio can be found here, and in the past when we’ve contacted her about buying prints she’s demonstrated unmatched professionalism and courtesy.

The CASUAL PHOTOPHILE office is lucky to have a print from her “Elements” series hanging on the wall, and the moment it arrived it became one of our favorite pieces. It was shipped promptly, came carefully packaged, and the quality of the print is phenomenal. Her portfolio is so varied that she’s got something to appeal to everyone’s taste and every decor.

If you love street photography, abstract work, the human form, or mechanical beings, take a look. Her work is beyond impressive.

In preparation for this post, we got in touch with Anastasia to talk a bit about her thought process in making these pins, her love of photography, and her ambitions for the future.

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She told us that at first she started out with a simple idea to make something that she herself would want to own.

“I was working on a patch project at work and it didn’t go through. So around Xmas time I was thinking I should just do something of my own, something that I really want to see happen.” She goes on. “All the products in the store are the ones I wanted to have myself. I am not making these to become best sellers, but it’s the same as what I do with my photography: shoot what I want and then try to sell it.”

Her passion for the work is apparent, and we love that. She also displays a humility that’s totally refreshing.

When asked about how things are going so far and her plans for the future, Anastasia sounded her appreciation for her success thus far and her hopes for future expansion.

“[I’m] always busy with new orders, new designs, requests, comments coming in. I love it! I have big dreams for the store…we all are in a bit of an awe from all the love I get from around the world. I want to make Asilda Store a big deal for this holiday season.”

Somehow we’re pretty sure that whatever Anastasia wants to happen, she’ll make it happen.

To see her entire inventory, head on over to Asilda Store

And don’t forget to check out her photography portfolio and order prints of your favorite piece.

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