We love old cameras, and we love it when others love old cameras as much as we do. So to help spread the joy of photography, we began February with a giveaway. We asked our readers to post shots of their lives, adventures, and passions on our Ello page, Facebook wall, or Instagram using the hashtag #casualphotophilephotocontest. We weren’t looking for technically perfect shots, or difficult photos, just shots that spoke to the thrill of shooting photos for no other reason than to make a compelling image.

We expected a couple hundred entries, at the most. What we got has been so much greater than that in both quantity and quality.

Though it may smack of patronization, it’s the truth; you people have amazed us, and that’s no exaggeration. Your shots were eclectic, inspiring, and technically excellent. We had photos come in from all over the globe; from local shooters in Boston, and from distances as far as Tokyo, Istanbul, and Madrid.

To connect with other photo-geeks and be witness to these small facets of our readers’ lives has been amazing. It’s easily the most rewarding part of running both Casual Photophile, and F-Stop Cameras.

With more than 1,000 photos to go through, choosing one person to win the Canon AE-1 was an immense task. So many of you deserve to win, and we wish we could give a free camera to every single person who submitted a shot. Alas, there can be only one winner. But we’ve also decided to give some free film away to a few honorable mentions, as well.

We were looking for a submission that made us feel the thrill of adventure, that something big was going to happen if only we could let go and see where the journey takes us. All the better if there’s a camera in hand to capture the scenes found along the way.

There were countless images that brought this feeling of excitement, fun, and wonder, but the one we’ve chosen is a perfect exemplification of the thrill of photography.

This shot was taken at Multnomah Falls, outside of Portland, OR, by Michael D’Angelo.

Multnomah Falls

Michael lives in San Fransisco, California, and he tells us that living in the city leads him to seek out what he truly loves, the solitude of shooting in nature. He adds “anytime I can get away from all the buildings and people, it’s awesome.”

Something of a brave shot, and it makes us wish we were there to feel the mist and hear the roar of the falls. Nice job, Michael.

But we couldn’t stop there. After seeing all the amazing submissions and the passion that all of you displayed for the giveaway, we wanted to give back a little bit more.

Three additional readers will be receiving a roll of 35mm Kodak Ektar 100. This is just another small way to show our gratitude for your support and for sharing your hobby with us. We wish we could do more.

instagram winners

The three honorable mentions are Chris Beach from Marlborough, MA, Jason Franklin from Marietta, GA, and Aras Arpaçay from Istanbul, Turkey. Some of their submitted photos are shown above.

Many of you who submitted shots are amazing photographers, and you should all be proud of your work.

Keep it up, and thanks to everyone for sharing with us.

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